GAZ TRADING COMPANY is a well known name in the Motor bike & fashion apparel industry with a track history of more than five years. The company is quit young in this field however, The management have a vast experience of more than fifteen years in the field of Motorbike, Cycling Suits, Sports & Fitness Wears

The products of GAZ TRADING COMPANY are designed in Europe and developed in Pakistan which is an example of excellent collaboration of professionalism, skill and workmanship of the East and West. Our team of product experts travel all over the world and always busy to generate unique motor bike & fashion products for the motor bike riders and lovers with this concept.
Safety with style .

GAZ TRADING COMPANY is supplying its quality products to all over the Europe and America. Some leading brands of Motorbike & Fashion industry are strongly engaged with the company. We assure you that you can cross every speed limit without any fear while wearing all products made by GAZ TRADING COMPANY

Our Product Range

  • MotorBike Suits
  • Cycling Suits
  • Sports & Fitness Wears